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Thread: powering 5v devices off PS2 ports:

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    powering 5v devices off PS2 ports:

    Ok, here is the idea:

    Chop off an old ps2 cable from a mouse or a keyboard and grab the 5v to power
    say an usb hub, slim cdrw enclosure, 2.5 external drive what ever. The reason
    I say grab it from the ps2 ports is to avoid having too much current running the usb ports. and this also woul be an external plug in, vs having something hanging out the case. PLus I am cheap too!

    Anyone know whats the most Milliamps that can be drawn from each ps2 port?
    Iwill ZPCgx 2.4ghz cel, 256mb pc2700, external combo drive, 80gb 2.5 laptop drive, xp pro, usb gps, 7 in Lilliput TS , carnetix CNX1900. All mounted ghetto- still experimenting and tweaking.

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    According to our friends at Google, This page gives you the full specifications for the PS/2 mouse port.

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