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    Pocket Pc

    I have an Infiniti G35...I love the car, however, installing a PC has been difficult. I had a good setup, but then the touchscreen putzed out on me. I then have to do the laborious process of taking the entire dash out. It is a real pain. So I have decided to ditch the PC and go with a pocket pc that I have seen others use. MY REASONS FOR THIS ARE SIMPLE...I only listen to music and I want GPS...I don't need or desire anything more.

    Could you guys be of help in assisting me on which pocket pc to use for this setup and which software to use. I would also like to somehow hook up to the PC that is in my trunk to communicate with it.

    Could you help me narrow down my selection of units. Thanks.

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    Any pocketPC you can afford.

    Something that accepts some sort of GPS reciever

    A compact-flash or other variety of GPS reciever


    VNC remote control to the PC

    Probably WiFi so you can communicate to the PC.

    Not attempting to be a complete ***, but for stuff like this, most people around here don't feel like doing your research. For GPS, iGuidance seems to be fairly handy. The rest you just need to figure out...

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    bluetooth gps

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    I have a Dell 50V, I'm disapointed with the screen.

    Get the VGA version of the latest iPaq.

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