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Thread: Radio NO Car HU

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    Radio NO Car HU

    Ok so I have been reading for the last few days and asking hear and there. I have just about all I need for my new car puter running in my BMW 330i. I am currently driving (passenger) down the highway testing internet via a cell phone, works great. I have everything I need, gps, cell phone (blue tooth for calls), internet (cell phone), but I need to concentrate on the radio portion.

    I want to remove my entire Head Unit and use a FM turner card in the pc to receive radio via the computer. What card is everyone using to do this and what application? I have only found people using HU->PC->Amp type of setups which is still relying on the old HU.

    My system will look just like this in mycar;

    Where the lcd is on top and my ac controls are down below and no room for a HU. I currently have the harmon Karmon system in my car where I can control the radio funstions via a steering wheel and I know that I would use a I-BUS adapter to connect the car to the PC so I think I have this covered.

    How would you hook up the inbound antenna too? I am sure others are running this type of setup.

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    I think this is what I am after>

    But if there is a specific brand everyone is using by all means let me know.

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    Depends of the Front End, the Plugin that you are using (like radiator), the space the you have in you case (low profile),if you have a PCI slot in you MOBO(or if not you may wat to use a USB kind) and finally if you want all the futures that you can find in a HU (AM/FM RDS/RBDS) check this thread:

    HU Quality AM/FM RDS/RBDS Radio with Features
    RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

    Nissan Aux-in MOD

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