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Thread: carPC Mounting....

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    carPC Mounting....

    OK guys, i have decided what i will be doing on how to mount my carPC to my subwoofer box to minimize vibrations. I drew a litte diagram, but i will also explain it. I will be taking (4) 3/4" rubber shock absorbers and mount them to my subwoofers box. I will mount them in the designated area where my carPC will be fitted. And they will be mounted in the corners. Next i will take a peice of 1/4" Plexiglass and perforate it for air flow. My Father is in charge Hazardous Material for United Airlines and he has come up with these ideas.

    He said perforate the Plexiglas for air flow so it wont directly be hitting the pc. So after i have the plexiglass mounted, my father has aircract vibration dampening foam. I will mount that to the plexiglass then, i am going to take 4 more rubber blocks and mount them on top of the foam/plexiglass. Then i will mount my carPC. Lets just hope this works out.

    here is the diagram:

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    I take it you have exhausted all other possible places to place your PC to save on all this horrendous and complicated work? If you can put it somewhere else that DOESNT vibrate violently, you may be better off.
    (All done)
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    Vibrating wont do too much damage, unless the HDD is on there aswell.

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