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Thread: Selectable Power

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    I was planning on putting a waterproof outlet box with an AC Plug and ethernet jack behind the back bumper of my truck.
    In the cab I'm gonna put a DPDT Switch to switch from the inverter to the house AC (With a light on my dash hooked to the house AC side so I don't drive off with it plugged in).
    On the house side I was thinking of getting some quad shielded ethernet cable and running it with an AC line then snaking it into one of those retractable Air hose lines like I have on my compressor in my garage so that I can just pull it out, plug it in and unplug it and give it a tug so it retracts (back to where it is dry) when I want to leave. The quad shielded Ethernet cable is to keep the AC from dumping noise back into my network ( as a general rule you should never run AC and Cat 5 in parallel).

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    just out of curiosity i have a question. i have a dc-dc atx psu. do they make a switch with 2 sets of 28 wire inputs and one 28 wire output so i could have my dc and ac psu in the comp and just flip a switch when i want ac instead of dc?? thx guys

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    "if everything is under control, you're not going fast enough!"

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    etrik -

    You're better off getting an AC power supply that puts out +12V with enough current to power your existing ATX DC-DC converter. I did this with my system. The only switches I know of that have 28 positions would be a huge rotary switch that would cost a lot of money. It'd be cheaper to get a 3 to 5 amp 12V power supply.
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    Just an update to this, I don't think I'm gonna go with the switch route. A DPDT relay sounds like it would a better option. Have it so that it's hooked to a 12v accessory source, then have power flow from the inverter when the car is turned on and flow from the external cord when the car is off. Nice and simple... plus less work for my lazy butt.

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