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Thread: video card running Hot

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    video card running Hot

    Ok well this actually isn't in my carpc but i thought i'd ask here anyways since im sure someone can help me. The other day i bought a BFG 6600gt oc for my desktop at home. When i was playing Halo after about 15 minutes my computer just shuts off. I try it again and another 15 minutes later if shuts off again. Well i download Rivatuner and check my temps and when i am playing a game it gets all the way up to 88 degrees celsius. When it first started shutting off i thought it was my weak power supply (305 watts, reccomended 350 on the box). now i see that it's runnin hot as hell so is that the problem? these cards arent supposed to run that hot are they? i tried adding a fan but it didn't really help, like 2 degrees at idle. Should i take this card back and get another one or just add like 3 more fans? btw i can play a game without it shutting off now for some reason it just runs hot as hell. Thanks in advance.

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    Yeh the mid/high end video cards can get quite hot, but this is normal.

    My 6800GT reaches 75c idle (more when playing games), with no problems.

    To reduce the heat, tidy up the IDE cables or buy those special slim IDE cables, and add 80cm fans to the front and back making sure the air flow is going the right direction through the PC. ATX PC's suck from teh front and exit through the rear form what I remember.

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    what's wrong with your comps?!?!

    my 6800GT only gets up to 65 degrees, MAX
    and that is overclocked 400/1015!

    what is your cpu and system temp?
    your system might be contributing to the temp increase
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    I have a large Zalman 7000AlCu CPU heatsink next to the card so maybe thats contributing to the videocard temp - it all runs fine though.

    [edit]just checked it and its at 67c idle but its a cold 16c day. A hot 35c summer day is another story though. Ambient temps can have a great effect on the core GPU temp.

    ps. the Temperature threshold (safety cutoff) is 120c, so anything below 90-100c should be fine.

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    well mine has been idling at about 62C so i guess that is about normal. i have one fan on my cpu and i just bought another exhaust fan for a pci slot that i put right beneath the 6600gt. I called up bfg and they said that the max temp was 117 so he said i would be allright. I guess ill just hafta rig up some more fans in this already loud case. I also reorganized some of my pci cards and put a slimmer one below my 6600 to let it get more air and i think that helped out a little bit. also mine sucks in from the back and blows out the front so ill prolly take back that pci exhaust fan and get a normal fan to blow in from the back. Thanks for the help guys

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