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    Has anyone ever heard of someone putting a regular CRT monitor in their car. I am thinking of putting a 9" SVGA color monitor in my center console. The only problem that I can think of with this setup is excessive heat. I have a a/c vent that goes through the center console that would blow directly through the top of the monitor, my air condition doesn't work but it still blows air and I think it would be enough to cool it. The reason for this is that I want to have high resolution and decent size LCD screens are too expensive when you have to get a controller card and when you get the 6" LCD's that have regular video input you loose the high resolution. Does anyone have any comments about this setup or is this just a stupid idea.


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    A conventional CRT will demand scads more amperage from a power inverter than a LCD ever does. I'd be concerned about the power draw. Also, from a safety standpoint, i'd be concerned about the presence of non safety-glass being present in the vehicle in the event of a collision.

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    I had a 9" monochrome in mine when I had my Mustang, and it worked fine with the 300watt inverter that I was using.


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