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Thread: Sirius Usb Interface

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    hope this won't delay it any

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    2 things mitch:

    1) Would it save you money if you also decided not to supply AC adapters and just went like the ALP1 is setup (12V, GND)?

    2) Can I go on record as saying I would like to be the first customer (and tester as well)?
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    well for carpc guys, i wont supply an adaptor

    im working on two solutions side by side

    for carputers, and home

    im not a carpc guy, and no little to nothing about this

    if you want to mess with the test units i got now
    pm, me

    they will work in a carpc by not using the wall wart

    ill have a rs232 desing in a day or two

    im looking at my connector options now


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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchjs

    what do you need...

    I'm not at all familar with your software

    I have c# code and .dll available

    the .dll is a .net class with all you need to talk to the radio

    and delagates events back the caller


    All I need is anything that will show me how it works, and a unit
    Any code will do
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    pm me, and let me send ya one

    and all send you all my source code to the Demo i did

    i might actually work on it this weekend

    i have another programmer too, and a roadrunner plug in is being developed

    things are progressing tooo slow really...

    but this is inbetween my day job


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    The hybernation problems with USB are easily over come... but there is definately a cost difference going RS-232 instead of SCSI.

    Personally, I'd love to see an adapter which consists of a USB Hub with both a USB to serial chip and a USB Audio Codec. Then you could power and run the entire radio (audio and controls) all over a single USB cable. ... And Yes, you can run this radio on +5v instead of 12v. I did it accidentially in my own car for over a month with no problems!

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    there is a 6volt regulator inside the tuner section...

    if you run it on 5volts what does it measure there?

    SCSI, yes, scsi would be cool... wanna do Ethernet? i could

    no one makes a USB codec with hub and UART in one chip


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    My 5v and 12v lines were reversed on my unit when I first installed it. Totally my fault, but I ran the tuner for a month on the 5v regulated output of my opus!

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    doing some tests...
    it didnt work at 5volt too well

    I got 4 UNITS of the USB for the SC-FM1 left
    (pm me if you want one $35)
    I want them out there...

    we're gonna see software for carpc real soon
    and some nice general pc software for playback
    and for recording music (i didnt say this)

    Frodoplayer & Roadrunner are currently being developed

    my demo and source code is avail to the developers

    i just finalized the next design, do to requests here, its going to be rs232 controlled

    BUT, i will prob run a USB Design too

    so we will have both options...

    So what do you need to do...

    Purchase a Sirius SIR-ALP1

    and purchase a interface from me...

    its $50.00 (RS232), $75 (USB)

    no soldering!
    just open up 6 screws, then 4 screws, swap pcboards, close back up

    now connection wise, it will be TOSLINK OUT

    and i remeber i got the toslink in adaptors for sblive and audigys
    (can be adapted to other soundcards/motherboards)

    there will be the a power connectors (12V constant, Ground, and 12 Accessory)

    and finnaly, a MINI-DIN, on this connector is Rx,Tx,gnd, R & L out

    how to order... by end of week... ill be taking preorders
    when to expect shipping... I go on vacation from 8th - 14th
    this is whats going to delay them... when i get back, ill start assembling and shipping... so the target ship date is 8/15/05

    my web site will have the ordering info, and paypal payment methods...


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    U R A GOD!!! Im first in line for a new usb ver. Thanks you for your hardwork.

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