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Thread: How to change LED glow color of Powermate USB knob?

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    How to change LED glow color of Powermate USB knob?

    So, I'm interested in buying that famouse Griffintech's Powermate USB knob. One good thing about this device is that it comes with black, so that I can match it with my interior theme. But from what I know, the cool glow on the bottom will only come in blue, but I want red.

    Anyone knows whether it's possible, and if it is, anyone knows how to do it?

    PS. I already did & .

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    i just taped over mine blue sucks

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    Powermate LED

    check out the last post by Blue ZX3.

    eh ? lol just messin'

    edit: read some of the other posts too. Someone posted about red leds requiring less voltage to turn on than a blue led. If you still use the same voltage for the red led as powermate uses for the blue, you will shorten the LEDS life.

    This is true. Intro to semiconductors . you could always use a resistor to simply drop it.
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