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Thread: How many watts would this use?

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    How many watts would this use?

    Current setup:
    EPIA 12000
    carnetix power regu.
    200W snap on PSu.

    I plan on using the power parts from my epia put them onto a spare system i have at home. I have flexable agp and PCI adaptors!

    I want to run:
    Athlon XP Motherboard. ASUS a7n8x-x (disable LAN/Sound)
    cheapo geforce 2-mx
    SB Audigy2 ZS
    7,200rpm 3.5" hdd

    processor is an Athlon MP 2000+ (1667MHZ)
    the processor is a Workstation cpu, power rating on this chip is 55-60W this chip uses less power for dual processing setups!

    I have a socket adapter allows the modify of the multipler.

    say I run this chip around the 1000+ (850mhz) mark

    give me an estimate of how many watts this would use!

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    This thread contains links to power calculators.

    It also explains why your 200 watt PSU only supplies 60 watts.
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