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Thread: Having trouble playing video

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    Question Having trouble playing video

    My question is, do I need to upgrade my motherboard, or is there something I can do to tweak my OS or hardware to correct this??

    EPIA-800 C3
    1G Kingston PC/133
    Maxtor 40G 7200RPM
    Panasonic CW-8123-C Slimline Slot Loading 24X CD-RW/DVD
    Hiacom 204S GPS
    Belkin Bluetooth
    NetGear Wireless Dongle

    Microsoft XP SP2
    FrodoPlayer (Opening as XP Shell)
    Destinator 3

    The issue:
    *When playing Xvid/Divx the video will play slower than the audio
    *When playing DVD's the audio plays fine and the video will jump (through WMP)
    *When playing DVD's using PowerDVD6 (which uses 1/3 the memory of WMP) the video plays better, but still jumps while the audio clips
    *When running a CD emulator and DVD image on the hard drive the performance is a little better, but the above issues remain.

    ***** DMA if available on the IDE controllers has been enabled *****

    ***** Video Clips in Xvid/Divx will play fine as long as the file size is small *****

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    I used to have the same problem myself. What I did to correct it was get a different codec (like Ace MegaCodecs Pack).. it was the divx codec that was not working properly that made the audio not sync up

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    I'll try the new codecs and see if that helps me out any.
    I'm starting to wonder if the processor/onboard video is enough to handle DVD playback. Any ideas out there??

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