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Thread: How do i "soft" power off my MII board?

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    How do i "soft" power off my MII board?

    I'm trying to determine if my PSU is bad (doesn't shut down when i turn car off)

    so i wanna try and manually shut the PC off via "soft touch" method.

    To my understanding, the only thing that affects this is in the BIOS (if you have it set to "instant-off")

    So theoretically, if when the PC is on and running... if i jump the pwr switch ... it should shut down correct?

    And the fact that I'm running an nlited OS now shouldn't affect anything?

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    just jumper the power switch for a second and it should soft off. I just use a metal nail to do it lol.

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    haha.... yea i was using a swiss army knife to turn it on when i was using it in my room...

    okay so.... if when i do this and it doesn't shut it off? Do i have a bios problem? Or a OS problem?

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    are you sure that you are touching the right jumpers?
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    yea I need to go home and double check that i'm touching the right jumpers... its a tiny little spot with little light... but I was pretty sure i was...

    its how i turned the computer on several times throughout my nlite "trial and error" experiment.

    The guys at minibox also just told me that my M1 in "dumb mode" (no jumper settings) will NOT send a shutdown pulse to my mobo... is that true?

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