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Thread: Building a new case for my BookPC

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    Adam is my old best friend who when I started up this AOL account i made that name to sign on and freak him out with instant messenger and the names stuck. i used the 90 degree connectors also but i think i tried to drill too big a hold and mount some stuff on it and it got too much torsion.. the glass is made to be for windows afterall... anyway it was a custom case made to fit inside a centerconsole in a 99 tahoe with the slot load cd rom facing upwards and the computer mounted sideways within. i had to round and custom shape the top section to fit flush with the console. i think using this material as stated with the L brackets in a standard box shape would yield strong and nice looking results.
    MKII version uses internal drive mounts cut from a standard case to fit with a wooden superstructure and i have gotten great results as it makes it easy to mount drives solidly as in a normal case.
    i'll post a pic you can see it at

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    Risers of all kinds can be found at . As soon as I get the last of my parts, I plan on starting to build a custom case that will fit under my seat. I also plan on making it detachable somehow so I can take the baby out when at friends house, plug the a/v cords into the tv or stereo, and watch dvds and play mp3s and whatnot.

    BTW, killadam, very nice case ya built there.

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