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Thread: Power for my car computer?...

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    Power for my car computer?...

    I'm looking to build a carputer for my 95 Celica GT. I've built several computers so that part is no complication for me, but I'm clueless when it comes to power requirements, especially when it comes to vehicles. What do I get to power a computer in a car? I've seen the Opus 150W PSUs, but that sems a little low for a computer and an LCD.

    Should I be buying components then based on power consumption? If so, it'll be mostly laptop parts. If not, it'll be an NF3 system. I won't be doing much other than playing music/ripping/GPS stuff.

    Please guide me...recommendations for parts (mobo/cpu/psu/etc) are welcomed .

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    As long as you dont have more then one optical drive you should be fine with 150w. Even with a full sized motherboard.

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    Read around here... go into the Show your projects section and see if you see someone that made something with your requirements or similar and check what hardware they used...

    Also read the FAQ forum.... its all there really, but for some reason many people dont read over it... if you havent been there go there....

    Other than that I can suggest you look at a power calculator and see what your rough requirements are based on your hardware. You might be OK with an Opus... maybe you can look at the Keypower 250watt, but youd need a shutdown controller for that one such as the uDSC

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    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    Any recommendations for low power consumption parts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soupmoose
    Any recommendations for low power consumption parts?
    Sure, I'll bite:
    - The VIA EPIA motherboard/CPU combination use very little power. Of course, they aren't as fast as a P4, but many people get by with them.

    - laptop (2.5") harddrive.

    - Use a DC-DC powersupply, there's less loss than going thru an inverter.

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