I just wanted to post a quick note- I'm running:
Epia M10000 mobo
256 mb ram
80gig HD
7' lilliput touch screen
d-link usb 108mbit wifi
delorme earthmate GPS

To give you background - i was having problems where my system would give error messages while trying to boot up, lock up during song changes in winamp 5x, and wouldn't recover from hibernation on reboot.

I THOUGHT it was a bad HD, or quite possibly the MB, but then I noticed that when i had pulled everything out of my old car & prepped it to be put in my new one the system ran fine... only catch was the Earthmate GPS wasn't plugged in. So I finished the install & today i got a wild idea to try to hibernate & reboot without the gps installed..... VOILA - it recovered fine.
So if you're having trouble hibernating with this similar setup, try leaving the earthmate unplugged. if it works for you - awesome!