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Thread: S3 / Suspend To Ram etc... help?

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    S3 / Suspend To Ram etc... help?

    Hi All,

    i recently changed my in car pc motherboard, after smoothing out all my other issues, i wanted to get a better sound quality and hopefully standy mode where the fans are turned off. Now to my understanding this is called, "suspend to ram" aka S3.

    Now the motherboard supports suspend to ram, its set to auto instead of disabled in the bios.
    But when going into standby, the fans on the psu and on the cpu just wont turn off.

    I have put a new install of windows using my XP lite install, ive even tried a new install of windows with a full pro install.
    I have updated every driver i can think of.
    I have tried changing the Acpi uniprocessor driver to a different ACPI driver which was listed. Ive tried a couple of registry changes, and ticked everything off so nothing can wake the pc up (except for the switch).

    ive also set my power management to minimal power settings of similar.

    But i cannot get the damn fans to switch off, does anyone have any ideas?
    i was under the impression that S3 meant the Pc WOULD be silent, and only power went to the ram!!

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    Have you tried to disconnect all USB devices? Windows XP set automatically S1 instead of S3 if you have any USB device capable of waking up your MB after hibernation/standby.

    Take a look here;841858 and here Carputer on standby when car is off?

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    hiya. yeah tried it out of car with nothing plugged in at all except ps2 keyboard and ps2 mouse

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    in the bios should have an option to turn off the fans in suspend mode, mine mobo have.....
    almost done
    only need display and a car
    already fried 2 PSU, 1 Video Card.
    Broke 3 fans. but i still want a carputer....

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