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Thread: Saturn Tips (intagrate mouse, keyboard, lcd)

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    Talking Saturn Tips (intagrate mouse, keyboard, lcd)

    I was wondering if anyone has done any cool little things to thier saturn, and if htey have if they have pics. I want to see how they intagrated thier trackball, keyboard, etc. Please resond.


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    I have a 96 Saturn SL2...

    I have a 96 Saturn SL2...

    I'm working on my car. I just bought a Lilliput 7.2 VGA NW618-70TV and I was thinking of mounting that on the ceiling right in front of the rear view mirror and gonna be using a VIA EPIA 800 in a mini case mounted in the trunk of the car and have a USB hub underneath the driver seat and another one under the passenger seat and gonna have a DVD ROM in an enclosure underneath the passenger seat to play DVDs and gonna have a USB numpad to do the MP3/MediaEngine 2.0 controlling. If the lilliput VGA doesn't have the touchscreen enabled then I'm gonna get the ATI RemoteWonder and have it control the other stuff like GPS and stuff like that. I'm gonna be installing a new relay on the fusebox inside the car to provide an independent circuit for the 400W power inverter in the trunk so that way when i shut off the car, it shuts off the inverter so it doesn't suck my battery til its dead.

    Whats your idea?

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    I havent even started the project yet, but I will be using a 7inch touch screen. With the touch screen, I will not need a keyboard and mouse. But if you dead set on a kb/ mouse setup, I would suggest gyration. They make a kb mouse combo that works on radio freq. and is good for 30 feet. Also, it is a small keyboard. Good luck.

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