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Thread: Radical new Input device

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    Radical new Input device

    I. Want. Five.

    That's pretty sweet. I'd like to use one on my laptop to help reduce wrist fatigue. I particulairly like the "writing in air" bit. Just write a ltter in the air, and it'll convert it to a 2d image, and use a regular old algorithm to dtermine what you wrote.

    Also check out the display-back feature. It can send basic messages back to you (text, basic pics, etc) with tracking still on. Like have it show your speed on the back of your hand, no matter where you hard is.

    Looks sweet.

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    reminds me of Minority Report. can't see a way to use it in a carputer though... would be way too distracting to the driver to become THAT involved in whatever you're doing on the computer.
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