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    Well, I am kind of a newbie with amps so here should be an easy one for you guys: My deck was stolen (Yea for me!) and I still have my mp3 computer in the back trunk but without no deck to tell my amp to turn on (you know that blue wire) I have no tunes! Help? My best guess about the blue wire is that it either a +12v or a ground wire.... Anyways, any help would be great!!

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    That blue wire (or the remote wire) for the amp is +12 just wire it into the acc line of your car and all shall be fine. All that wire does is tell the amp when to turn on and off, so wireing it into your accessories line will turn your amp on and off with the ignition.

    Or you could wire it into +12 of the computer, so that it turns on and off with the computer. simple really Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
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    You might want to consider wiring a switch inline between the ignition and the amp. The computer tends to give a nasty thump when it powers up.

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