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Thread: Laptop for Carputer?

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    Laptop for Carputer?

    Well I just purchased a laptop and installed MediaEngine for use as a carputer. My budget is tight and I am using this laptop for college also. The laptop is a 15" with a Centrino processor. It runs cool and quite, not to mention the outrageous battery life.

    Currently I have 3 LCD screens in my car, ones a flipdown 8" and the other two are 6" screens. They are wired into my deck that plays DVD/MP3/PIX/ETC. However, I decided that I would like to be able to use GPS and just a better, faster, browser (mediaengine) and the ability to have my music on a hard drive rather then a DVD MP3 cd with the decks browser features (which suck).

    So, I purchased a scan converter since the notebook doesnt have a video out, the scan converter is powered from the notebooks usb drive. I think I will eventually put a resistor on a 12v switched wire and use it for powering the scan converter. My ultimate goal is to make a setup that looks clean and doesnt scratch the crap out of the notebook. I want to be able to take out the laptop if I need it for something, and only have to plug in the VGA cable to make it work.

    Where does everyone mount there notebooks? I even considered the trunk and running an RCA wire to the back of the LCD. Let me know what you guys do? Or would it have been better to go a different route to use MediaEngine?

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