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Thread: Mouning VGA in BMW X5

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    Mounting VGA in BMW X5

    Hi guy,

    Those of you who read some of my posts know I have BMW X5 and that I am using the onboard Nav monitor to view my PC. I have recently made major improvements to my car pc and love all the work I've been doing. What pains me is that I dont have touch screen (major) and even though I've made adjustments to windows fonts sizes and appearences of windows to look good on a 6.5" screen using a composite input I am still not happy. The big problem is where do I put a 7" or 8" LCD screen and still maintain a factory look, or close to. I dont want to obstruct the dash with anything and I cannot pull out the factory system which I spent $$$$ retrofitting, which includes a TV module and instrument cluster to support the Nav system, it also has voice recognition, not that I use it. I may even want to throw in bluetooth in the future so removing the factory nav/entertainment system for a computer is a no go.

    After getting some much deserved sleep from weeks of burnout from working then working night and day on this carpc I have come up with an idea. I could easly mount a 7" or maybe a 8" VGA where the sun glass holder is located in the headliner. Same place where gork put his DVD drive. It shouldnt obstuct the rearview and would be great for passengers too. Its it plain view while I am driving, I just have to glance up, very easy to manage while driving.

    I am posting some links to sites where I found pics of my X5 interior where the sun glass holder is. I'll need to take mesurements to see how big of an LCD I can put in there. If I knew how to fabracate I could mold the LCD in to the headliner but thats not an option for me. If someone wants to help me with that drop me a line. The sunglass holder opening looks its about 7" across, so if I find the right LCD, It could sit in there nicley. I really want 8" so I am guess it would stick out a little.

    This is a good shot

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    well, I just bought a Xenarc 7". I dont think it would look good in the headliner up front. Not sure where to put it now. I can mount it below the navi monitor but it will cover up my A/C controls.

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