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Thread: PC install: dash vs trunk

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    Apparently no windows application is taking advantage of the CN400 chipset.

    Only LInux does. Therefore you are utilzing 60-80% CPU Load on DVD playback..
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    one tip... especially if the pc is in dash... it's always best to keep the audio leads as short as possible.... the sound card can be mounted in the trunk next to the amps & then connect usb which won't pick up rfi.. short rca's = less introduced noise...

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    Mine is in the trunk. No heat problems whatesoever, but you might have a bit more heat in the tire well. I personally preferred the trunk install. For one, it's much easier to work on. If you keep pulling the dash cluster out of your civic, you'll wear it out. Plus, I don't like the idea of having a psu and a lot of electrical devices like mobo etc, behind the dash mixed up in all the wire-speghetti that's back there in the first place. Makes me nervous.

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    I've installed in both the trunk and the dash. Neither has presented a problem. I can hear the fan when it runs in the dash, but its a Mac Mini so its not always on. If its an Epia, it will be on but still, it won't be too loud and I doubt you'll hear it when the car is running.
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