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Thread: Recommendations for a good deep cycle battery?

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    yel top and blue top are the same thing except for different posts. Thats it. Oh and color of the top hehe
    Core duo
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    still installing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vchat20
    i also should add that this car also is "supposed" to have a "battery saver" relay in it where it will shut off uneccessary accessories like the interior lighting and whatnot after the car has been parked and off for an hour. never works when its supposed to.
    Of course it never works. Its a ford

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    I have Tudor Ultra STS, works fine.

    700 Amp / 75ah can have my system on for several hours with no problems at all.
    loud music and everything hehe

    And still i have a big diesel engine (drains much power from batery to start engine )
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    //Power Nisse

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