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Thread: CarPC's Temperatures during winter

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    CarPC's Temperatures during winter

    I have my epia M10000, 40gb, and lilliput 8" ST in my car with M1 90W ATX.
    I was thinking about running my carPc during winter times.

    - So Im asking you, has somebody some solutions or problems using carpc during winter times (-15C)?
    - Can this affect motherboard, disk, lilliput or smth else?
    - Is the solution maybe to isolate my box of carpc just for winter?

    Thx in advance and sorry for my bad english!!!

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    You should have no problems. I ran mine all winter and just the screen is a little dim until it warms up.

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    I didn't have any problems either. Except the image is moving a bit slower until it warms up.

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