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    Due to a mistake by our upholstery guy I have recently aquired a 6.4 inch moniter with a cracked lcd. This is one of the better raw moniters marketed directly for in car video. It still works although it is hard to look at. Does anybody know of a replacement lcd for such a beast. I have tried to locate a part number or such on the actual lcd but the only identification is on the power supply board mounted to the back and that is the name and model number from the reseller. They said they can replace the Lcd but I can buy a whole new moniter for what they want. Aren't there really just a handful of actual manufacturers for the lcd sreens? Thanks Jason

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    You're better off junking the monitor. Cracking an LCD is like breaking the picture tube in a CRT monitor (like your TV at home). That is the major component of that piece of equipment and costs the most to make and install. And yes, there are only a few LCD manufacturers. Most companies source their LCD panels from these manufacturers to make the LCDs we can all buy.

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