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Thread: Putting USB/Firewire jacks up front

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    Putting USB/Firewire jacks up front

    I have my PC mounted in my trunk. I'm using an EPIA Mii board, my PC case has front-mounted USB, Firewire, and line-in and mic-in jacks, and my motherboard has headers for all that. I also have the wires that connect all that to the case jacks.

    What I'm wondering is, could I get away with removing the whole connector board from my case and extending those wires up to the dash? I could mount the whole panel somewhere, probably in the center console/armrest, easily enough. But if I use, say, cat5 cable, would USB2 and Firewire work over that? I know the audio would probably be fine.

    Alternatively, maybe I should just use panel-mount connectors for this stuff, instead of salvaging what is inside the case? Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Works for for usb.

    I used a 1mtr male/female extension, cut it in half, and joined a lenght of cat5 network cable into it, runs my dvd-rom.

    Then I got a 1mtr usb a/b (printer style) cable, did the same with cat5 and plugged that into a hub up front to give me 4 sockets for spare mouse and card reader etc.

    audio and video can pick up noise on cat 5 on long runs.

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    I have front mounted USB jacks.. much like the front of PC cases.. that way I can plug in flash drives or other USB periphrials when needed..

    you might want to wrap the cat5 in tin foil for shielding I just used an old brtoken keyboard cord for the extension.. spliced in of course.. but already ahs shielding

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