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Thread: Sound like a good system?

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    Sound like a good system?

    Hey, im new to this carputer stuff. I already have plenty of knowledge in car audio, wiring, and custom fabrication. Anyways I just visited my local comp store and told them what I wanted to do. I would like a system that can play: Mp3's, music vids, movies, OBD-II, and possibly navigation in the future.

    The guy at the store said this should be what im looking for:
    Duron 2200+
    512DDR Ram
    40 Gig HD (all I wanted)
    16x DVD Rom (prolly will just use a wireless card to transfer files instead)
    PSU to support what im doing
    Video card (not sure what kind but he said it will work with all the new games)

    Total: $ 426.65 Canadian with Tax

    How does this sound for my goals? Will it be fast enough for what Im planning on doing. Any other suggestions? Thanks for your time guys!

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    Well sort of...

    If you are starting from scratch, go for a mini-atx board and case with a mobile AMD chip. I also recommend a larger driver. Some boards have a built in nVidia video output which is a decent choice.

    Look into Opus power supplies with the above

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