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Thread: power extension

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    power extension

    I have a M1-ATX power supply and am planning on relocating my dvd-rom about 2 feet away. I found an IDE cable extension withouth a problem but could not find a power extension. Is there any cable out there can extend the power to my dvd-rom?


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    wire + soldering iron + solder... it will take you all of 10 minutes, and if you don't know how to do it yourself then find someone who can.
    But don't take it from me! here's a quote from a real, live newbie:
    Quote Originally Posted by Viscouse
    I am learning buttloads just by searching on this forum. I've learned 2 big things so far: 1-it's been done before, and 2-if it hasn't, there is a way to do it.

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    no other simple solution where I can just buy it? How come I can't find any place that sells it. Is it bad to extend the power cable?

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