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Thread: cat5 cable. male/female ends

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    cat5 cable. male/female ends

    this may be a VERY bizare ?...but im gonna ask anyway
    i think a cat5 cable..
    aprox 1 foot with male on one end, and a female on the other.
    know of any places?

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    This makes no sense. Do you mean soldering rca connections onto a cat 5 cable?
    Yes, it can work but I wouldnt suggest it for top quality audio.
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    Why do you need this ?

    You can do something like this with a RJ45 connector on one end and a keystone jack on the other
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    ok, to answer one question.
    this isnt for car use, this is for home use.
    i have a modded xbox i use for XBL (xbox live) and backed-up games on the harddrive.
    when i wanna play games on the harddrive, i need to unplug the cat5 cable (so i dont get banned from XBL). when i wanna play XBL, i need to plug it back in.
    i wanna relocate the female rj-45 to the front of the xbox so i dont need to worry about having to take it off my shelf everytime.


    i need a cat5 cable..
    foot in length.
    one side - male
    other side - female.

    if this can be
    if there is a wire out there...where?

    can u make it for me? 20 bucks has ur name on it if u can.

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    Also $20 would be a lot to pay for that... You can get a crimper for $10 and the rest of the parts you need for about $5 more, especially if you just used an existing cable and cut it in 2. And you can get instructions on crimping the cables on the internet.
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    I'll make you one for $10 shipped.

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    That's very cheap for cable

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    you can get a double female RJ45 coupler and a short patch cable. Better than solering on a socket.

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    you know, just about all the recent modchip bioses have the feature where you can't sign on xbox live with the modchip on...i would just upgrade your chip to the bios of choice. I'd recommend an xecuter bios.

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