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Thread: Is my m10000 dead? :(

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    Is my m10000 dead? :(

    I have had my car pc running for about a year, no issues at all. Last week I took it out of the car and brought it in the house to do some updates to any drivers or software that was needed. I installed a newer usb2 driver and I think I did a video driver update too, that is about it. Yesterday I took it out to the car and plugged it in and it started up like normal but it found new usb devices and since the keyboard and touchpad are usb I had to go get a ps2 keyboard and mouse. I did have to turn it on and off a few times at that point. Then it did not want to turn on at all. I pushed the on button a few times, and then it came on, but no video. I checked all my connections and everything is good. I took the pc back inside and hooked the m1-atx power supply a different pc and it works fine. Checked the s-video output and it is not putting out video. I changed out the memory and it is good too. Unplugged the hd and still no video. Reset the bios with the jumper, nothing. What happened? I'm stumped. I'm not sure what actually is wrong with the mobo. Is there any warranty repair on these boards? I might buy a new one locally to troubleshoot with but the newer via boards are not available around here. Please, any help or advice would be helpfull. Thanks!

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    no one?

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    sounds like its dead :-( sorry

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    get your hands on a pci video card, any old one that works will do, try and boot up with that, if it works, you may need to flash your bios again, i had it happen to mine when setting it up before it even went into the car. sounds like you have got it with a static electricity shock somewhere and messed the bios if thats the problem.

    otherwise, it shouldve come with a 12month warranty from where you bought it, take it back and say video dont work, let them check it, then have it sent back for a rma. you should get a new one.

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    It seems the M10k does this quite a bit....

    No video output. M1000

    Old setup
    Epia M10k, Cubid 2699R case, 512MB, 40GB 3.5" drive
    New setup
    Optiplex 260SX (2.8GHz P4, 512MB, 30GB, DVD)
    Xenarc 700IDT, USB hub, 802.11g, bluetooth, P2140, P5V

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    This happened to mine when I updated the drivers. Turns out it was outputting video, but not to the S-Video, rather to the RCA jack. Try plugging in to that.

    If that doesn't work, wipe the hard drive with another computer and reload Windows.

    Might also try unplugging the little battery on the mobo to reset everything.
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