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Thread: Cleaning an LCD

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    Cleaning an LCD

    What is a good way to clean the LCD and the touch screen...? Like a household method? Like baby soap or mild hand soap ??

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    I always find brake fluid on a bit of fine grit wet and dry gets any marks off.

    or you could look here:

    Screen Cleaners?
    How do you clean your Xenarc Touchscreen?
    and here
    Best way to clean an LCD??

    i think the general consensus is a microfibre cloth and possibly something mild and soapy.

    Or get some safeclean wipes that should say safe for touchscreens and keep some sachets in the glove box.

    (which reminds me i have to pinch some more from work)

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    someone told me 50% rubbin alcahol and 50% water works really good but im too lazy to try i just use the cloth they give u for ur glasses and the glassles cleaner and it works fine for me :-) hmm speakin bout that i shud do it on my crts they look dirty haha

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    Ehh.. well I think I am gettin another screen anyway

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    i just use a lens cleaning cloth. microfiber.. they are about $5 at any camera store

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