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Thread: Biostar M7NCD Pro Motherboard

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    Biostar M7NCD Pro Motherboard

    Some of ya'll may recall me building a PC. Well, I am going to sell the Epox board and CPU. I was thinking of this, Biostar M7NCD Pro board with an AMD Athlon XP 2800 CPU. I already have 1GB Corsair RAM and an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro video card and other etc accessories....

    I haven't really heard too much about Biostar motherboards. Does anyone have opinions on these boards in particular the Biostar M7NCD Pro?

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    I've used two of the M7NCD Pro boards for my personal computer. I love it and have no complaints. Ok, the only complaint I'd have is lack of PCI Express, but that's mainly cuz this board was designed before PCI Express.

    I've also used two of the mATX equivalent, the M7NCG without and problems.

    Both boards are great for their price. Snag another stick of identical ram and run it dual channel as well.

    I run the ATI 9000 Pro on my pc and haven't had any problems with it at all. I've NEVER had a problem with a any of the Biostar boards I've used. When I think about building a new pc I always check the price on the M7NCD and for car pc's the M7NCG. Newegg usually has them for great prices.

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