Does anyone know of a case + PSU that will:

  • Fit the SP13000 (so I can have PCMCIA)
  • Fit a 1 slot PCI riser card (so I can keep the height to a minimum)
  • Fit an internal PSU capable of powering the M12000 + 2 PCI cards
  • Does not have the huge 14.25"x9.25" foot print that the Opus Mini ITX vehicle case does?
  • Does not have the huge height that the "cube" type cases have (hopefully a PCI riser eliminates this need)

I want the SP13000 because *apparently* the new BIOS supports 800x480 natively. I want the 1 slot PCI riser for a PCMCIA adapter card (for GSM laptop internet card). I want the internal PSU, a small footprint case, and a low height, because the space I have available in my car is at a premium.

Any help on a case + PSU that would fit this bill would be greatly appreciated. Thanks