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Thread: Did I get a good deal

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    Did I get a good deal

    First off this is my first post but i have found this forum invaluable. I have been working on my carpc for sometime. I am currently using a HP e-pc and it works pretty good right now but I just bought this combo on e-bay and just thought i would ask the experts if they thought i got a good deal or not.

    I know i cant use the power supply but the rest seems good.

    Thanks for any replies.

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    wel i think its a good deal considering it comes with motherboard and memory, but its only 933 mhz. You can probably overclock it to at least 1.2-4 ghz though And also 256mb of memeory is kinda of too little for me, especially when running windows xp. i would buy some more memory. All in all I still think its a goods deal for $66. Hope your carpc comes out running smooth and trouble free.

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    Its an older Epia board but still definitely not a bad deal

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    I'm running a PIII 700-m with 256MB SD RAM and WInXP SP2 with CF 1.5 and iGuideance with absolutley no problems!

    Just make sure you get a reletively fast HD 7200RPM if your going with a 3.5" drive or 5400RPM for a 2.5".

    Good luck with your setup!



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