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Thread: Epia network problem

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    Epia network problem

    I currently ran into some problems with my M10000 board. When I switched on my mini-pc, it coudln't get connected to my network. Yet, last time I ran it, it could. My network consists of a us robotics turbo router, to which I can connect with my other pc's. I also checked the cables.

    I re-installed xp pro (sp2), installed the drivers that came with the board, got the latest drivers from the net, installed those too, but no luck. The light at the back panel lights up, the green light stays on onstantly, while the orange one constantly flickers (non-stop).

    I have all settings exactly the same as my other pc's which connect without problems. Still I get no IP from my router (xp tells me I have limited or no connectivity)

    I'm starting to think my onboard lan is broken, can this be replaced, fixed? Or could it be something I overlooked? Any help very much appriciated!

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    Bad news is you really can't replace the onboard LAN if it's actually "Broke"

    Good news is... The Green light signifies it see a good link and the Blinking Orange means it's getting/sees traffic. So I don't think the port is bad.

    What happens if you go to a command prompt and type IPCONFIG? Does it show the correct IP address scheme and correct subnet?

    If it doesn't try typing at a command prompt IPCONFIG /RELEASE then IPCONFIG /RENEW to see it pulls the correct IP address.

    Let me now if any of this works.


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