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Thread: SERIOUS Vibration Insulation

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    If you go with your plan of padding the box inside another box you might have some heat dissipation problems.
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    if you search the form, this has been discussed over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Basically tons of people on here have had their harddrives go through hell, and have had no problems. I've driven on 10 miles of gravel road with my system right near the sub, no problems. People have been in accidents, their computer still running solid...etc. My hdd does have shock absorbant mounts, but their main purpose if to limin vibration noise between the hdd and the cooling bracket I have on there. The mounts came with my hdd mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeUK
    - Make an birch-ply case for the motherboard and components

    - Sit this inside another, larger case, which will be lined with closed cell foam to give a snug fit
    Actually, the box-within-a-box idea sounds like a reasonable idea. Define closed-cell foam...are you talkin upholstery cushioning? That sounds like a great idea...gotta keep ventilation in mind though.

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