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Thread: Western Digital buyers beware!

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    All drive do go bad. My problem with WDC drives I've had is they all died within a couple months after their warrantee expired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pastypyro
    Customer service is everything with these things because all drives eventually die.


    11/15/05 Update:

    After not receiving a confirmation for my previous email, requesting cancellation of the RMA, I sent another email today to [email protected]:

    Hello again,

    The least you could do is confirm that the RMA has been cancelled as
    per my request. Why am not surprised that I didn't receive a reply?


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    Quote Originally Posted by tj!2k4
    but as far as home user vs business, they make no distinction:
    I'm not defending them at all, however I can promise that the large business using hundreds of their drives is going to get preferential treatment. You don't matter, that's the way it works. You can harrass them by phone and email all you want. Maybe it will help you, it's helped me before. Likely they still won't care and you're simply wasting your time when you could be out enjoying life instead. I've personally experienced a huge difference in service with many brands when I contacted them representing a business vs. a home user.

    Most manufacturers have poor customer service; they rely on their retailers to handle the majority of problems. That's why I never deal directly unless I have to. I've had good luck exchanging items even months after purchase. Retailers care about customer service and will often go out of their way to assist you. Manufacturers don't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fonseca
    is going to get preferential treatment.
    Don't get me riled up, I'll sic Al Sharpton on them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by saletel
    you all ***** way too much.
    Yeah, well you don't ***** enough. How about that, you non-*****y man you.

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    Last year i had 2 WD Drives DOA in one order...

    I just shipped them to them and i had new drives in 2 weeks...

    I guess ive been lucky since i havent lost a single drive in any of my many computers.
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    WD Hard drive issues

    Damn, that sucks with having to deal with WD like that.......

    Thats one of the main reasons why I wouldn't touch WD drives, even with a 10 foot pole.

    I never liked Quantum (they were crappy drives from the beginning)

    Maxtor warranty is too short, and the drives well in my experience last just for the warranty period (another strange thing 1 year for retail, and 3 years for OEM, shouldn't it be the other way around, or are they compensating for self install errors?)

    My drive of choice is now Seagate........5 year warranty, and their service is pretty decent. Although the drives run really HOT (which most of you most likely noticed) they are real powerhouses, and of course they should be mounted with a fan in front.

    One drive I hate with a vengance......the IBM the nickname implies, for heavy use applications....AVOID AT ALL COSTS. (In a few cases I have experienced personally heavy use application=turning the computer on)

    Yes many choices, and only a few good ones.......

    Buyer beware


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    I have had good results from my Maxtor drives, just for the record.

    Have several that have been in constant use for more than 5 years.
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    You know, I had ONE 80GB WD800BB (basic 80GB, 2MB cache) hard drive die on me within warranty, and I used their advance RMA system online to get a replacement. The drive arrived in a timely fashion, but it took them FOREVER to release the ~$80 hold on my debit/credit card. I couldn't complain too badly, I was back in business fairly quickly.

    I have two 80GB, (one 800BB, and one 800JB), a 120GB (JB model) and a 40GB (BB model), ALL Western Digital, all running without issues. That is, so far for the last three years. Meanwhile, I've also got a Quantum Fireball 20GB that has gotten a little bit noisier over the years, but I've had it since '99, and it's been through a car wreck, as well as been banged all over the place through 4 separate moves. Quite a tough little drive there.

    In other news, I learned through my place of business that WD will no longer be honoring warranties from the date of purchase. Instead, they are going to rely on the "born-on date" on the label. That means that if the retailer had the drive on his shelf for four months, that's four less months of which you have a warranty when you buy it. More importantly, all of WD's IDE hard drives are now only a one year warranty.
    This is how it's been laid out for me at my store. I can't be 100% positive that that's how WD is doing things in general, or if that's just with us (because we WERE dealing pretty heavily with returns on the 80GB BB drives).
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    I have an update/resolution to whole WD fiasco I've been dealing with; I should have posted yesterday but haven't been feeling great.

    I'll make a point of posting the resolution tomorrow.

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