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Thread: Western Digital buyers beware!

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    sounds like typical call center type **** actually. I used to work for emachines, and I had people with similar problems all day everyday. Most people that worked there would just tell the customers what they wanted to hear and hang up on them. Made those of us that worked difficult. I think you should call back and give props to the few people that actually helped you.
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    glad they tried (somewhat late) to make good on your bad experience. They could have just as easily sent a return shipping label for the drive.
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    Nice to hear somthing good from an experience like that, free drive, ROCK ON!

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    On related note:
    I just examined a couple of WD drives today, a 250GB JB (Special Edition 8MB buffer) model and a 80GB BB (2MB buffer) model that were both hosed.
    The 250GB was just over its one year warranty, and the 80GB was two years old.
    The 250GB drive was making machine gun sounds the likes of which I had never heard when it booted, but I could still include in the "click of death" category. Even though the drive was configured as a slave, it prevented Windows XP Pro SP2 from getting past the initial loading screen. "Windows is Loading..." then black screen and lock.
    The 80GB didn't make any sounds other than the startup initialization click, but then prevented the system from even past the initial POST. Complete lockup even before Windows got started booting. That drive too was configured as a slave.
    I still think WD deserves some benefit of the doubt, but I had to send two customers away today, disappointed at the loss of two completely full drives' worth of data, and that gives me some serious pause as to just HOW well their quality control is being carried out. There are more than a couple few of their drives (that I know of) that are perfomring very well, my triplets being just a few to name, but I have to wonder just how many are predisposed to die due to poorly manufactured controllers (which seems to be the primary cause of the bulk of these failures.)
    Reports from OnTrack and another local data recovery company indicated that the drive hardware itself was technically fine, but the controller logic was completely shot.
    Now I need to add at this point that the 250GB had been mounted, sandwiched between two other high-capacity drives, WITHOUT front side cooling, which is the likely cause of failure in that case. BUT, the 80GB had adequate cooling and had no obvious cause of failure during its operational life.
    Recall that I mentioned those 80GB BB models seemed to have a running problem? Yeah, apparently it's still around in drives about 1 year old.
    Just a caution to you fellas. If you're looking at an 80GB BB model drive, based solely on price, reconsider getting JB or SATA JS model instead. They appear to be just fine. None of the SATA 80s have come back since their introduction almost a year ago.


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    Good to know, thanks.

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