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Thread: Western Digital buyers beware!

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    Western Digital buyers beware!

    --> Resolved 11/16/05


    I know this is a lengthy post, but it is a chronicle of my experience with Western Digital's Customer (dis)service. I hope that others will think twice before purchasing WD products after seeing that Western Digital just can't get it right the first time or the second time or the third time; that they don't know what's going on; that they are incapable of dropping the ball because they didn't even know it was in-play; and that they don't appear to have any customer appreciation!!

    Read for yourself and make your own decision. This is my experience with them, but it is an experience that noone should have to deal with. And it's not a one-time failure on their part.

    At the least make sure Western Digital is giving you the proper warranty period for your products.

    I am going to post this everywhere I can, and I encourage you to forward this to others, as I will. This kind of poor support just can't be tolerated.


    I purchased four Western Digital 400GB Raid Edition2 hard drives (which come with a manufacturer-supported 5-year warranty) from an online vendor.

    I received the hard drives and installed them in my NAS, but noticed a strange sound coming from the unit when it powered up, and that it was only recognizing three of the four disks.

    I removed the drives one-by-one and connected them to my PC, and determined which drive was spinning up and making noise, and that it was also the drive that was not being recognized.

    So I had received one DOA drive and immediately fired off an email to the vendor, but since I didn't receive an immediate response, I decided to check Western Digital's online warranty support site.

    One of the features was a warranty check, and when I entered the defective drive's serial number, the drive only had a 3-year warranty, and when I checked the rest it turned out that ALL the drives only had 3-year warranty instead of advertised 5 year!!

    Another feature was the online RMA system, which I attempted to have generate an RMA because it could do an ADVANCE REPLACEMENT so that I could have the new drive in my hands sooner, and not have to wait for all this back-and-forth shipping. But when I attempted to do the online RMA, WD's system kept generating an error, and I was therefore unable to complete the transaction. At this point it was already late in the evening, so I decided to contact WD the next day.

    I again attempted to use the online RMA system figuring it might have been a system problem the previous day, but again the RMA system kept generating errors and was unable to complete the transaction.

    So I called WD support and spoke with "Angie". I was told that because drive was DOA, I would have to pay return shipping for the defective drive. Fine, I agreed, I just wanted my drive ASAP, and I was told that the drive would be shipped within 3-5 days.

    Regarding the improper warranty period, I was told to call back with all serial numbers to have the issue corrected.

    I called back with all four serial numbers for the warranty correction, and was told that I was correct about the warranty period, it should be five years, and and was assured that warranty would be corrected within two days

    I performed an online warranty check on the four hard drives and saw that only three had been updated to the five year warranty and one still only showed 3 year warranty!

    I sent the following email to [email protected]:

    I have four drives that are supposed to be warrantied until 2010, and were only warrantied til 2008. Your staff upgraded the warranty (as it should have been) on ONLY THREE of the four drives. Please fix the warranty issue for WMAMY1085455.

    I shouldn't have to keep on top of this, and had one of the drives not been DOA, I wouldn't have known until it was too late.

    I can't believe that:

    a) Out of four hard drives purchased, one was DOA
    b) the warranties are incorrect (3 year instead of the advertised 5)
    c) WD is making me pay for shipping to rma a DOA drive
    d) after calling in the problem with the warranty and being told that I am absolutely correct, the issue is still not corrected

    Needless to say, so far I'm very disappointed with WD.

    Please see attached PDF if you have questions.

    And received the following reply:
    Dear DAVID,

    Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support.

    Although I cannot explain why the warranty for your drives was not already five years, I have contacted our warranty department to update the warranty of your remaining drive.

    Jeremy H.
    Western Digital Service and Support
    I checked the warranty status after receiving Jeremy's reply, and finally saw that the warranty how now been properly updated for all drives.

    HOWEVER, it was now six days after I had requested the ADVANCE REPLACEMENT from WD, and didn't have a shipping notification or tracking number, or any form of confirmation that my replacement drive was on its way.. but I decided to give WD the benefit of the doubt and give it a couple of more days to arrive..

    I still hadn't received the replacement drive, nor any tracking info, so I checked the online RMA status and didn't see any drives shipped, so called WD again and spoke with "Richard D. [last name withheld]." He checked the RMA status, but said did not show any drives shipped either, and that he was unable to find any further information regarding the case, but that he would check into it and inform me of the status within 24 hours

    Two days later, I still hadn't received a call from Richard, and the online RMA status still showed nothing being shipped, so I was forced to call them again. "Julie" answered the phone, and I asked to speak with a manager since I was obviously getting nowhere speakig with the phone zombies.

    After holding for 15 minutes, I had the manager Scott on the phone and explained the history to him. He put me on hold some more to check on the case, and when he returned, he informed me that the drives are on backorder and that there is no eta on shipping of the replacement!!

    It took them TWO WEEKS TO FIGURE THIS OUT?? If they had told me up front that this was the case, I would have figured out some way to accomodate my storage needs, but the level of (dis)service I have received from them is simply unnaceptable.

    This was another 45 minute phonecall - yet another 45 minutes wasted dealing with WD, so I asked him how they expected to compensate me for my time and aggravation.. perhaps overnighting the drive to me once it was in stock, and/or covering the return shipping... but no, he said that Western Digital did not provide any form of restitution, and couldn't do anything for me.

    This is unacceptable, but what can I do? I just have to take it, since as a lowly consumer I have no way to pressure them.

    So the phonecall was ended, with me still not having a working drive, or knowing when it was coming, but knowing full well that I was going to be shelling out more money once I finally got it, so I would wait.. wait.. wait.. wait.. until...


    Since it was now over one month since I made the purchase and WD still hadn't provided me with a replacement, I decided to see if the vendor might not make an exception to their policy and help me out.

    After hearing the story, the vendor's phone rep spoke with their manager and said that they would provide me with a replacement drive and not "leave me hanging" like Western Digital literally did.

    I shipped the drive back to the online vendor the same day, and I should be holding the replacement drive in my hands early next week.


    While Western Digital's phone staff have all been very courteous and for the most part agreeable, this did nothing to put the replacement drive in my hands.

    The fact that it took three tries for them to correct the warranty demonstrates lack of competence. The fact that they consistently drop the ball shows lack of support and customer care. The fact that they wouldn't provide any form of compensation shows lack of customer appreciation.

    So to recap:

    - warranty period incorrect out of the box
    - took two tries and intervention on my part for them to complete the correction of the warranty period
    - because drive DOA, I have to pay for return shipping
    - advance replacement drive not shipped out as promised
    - did not know the shipping status of the replacement drive
    - did not return phonecall as promised
    - took two weeks and speaking with the manager to find out that the replacement drive was not available
    - no notification that the drive was not available
    - no offer of compensation for their poor handling of the situation
    - nearly a month later, still no replacement, nor any idea of eta

    If this is not a demonstration of ****-poor service, then I don't know what is.


    And if you're considering purchasing Western Digital products, decide for yourself if this is what you want to deal with.

    "BUT," you say "they provide a 5-year warranty!" -- Right! And what good is a warranty five years from now, when you can't even get them to make good today?

    Good Luck.

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    this is good to know, another company that wont get my business. looks like i'm going to stick with the more reputable (and more expensive) dealers.
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    I hate posting things about my hard drive's performance history, as I alwasy seem to jinx myself... however.

    Somewhere between 5 and 7 years ago I was GIVEN (yes, GIVEN) a Maxtor drive. It died, but it was still under the warranty period, I forget if it was 1 year or 3 years. Regardless, I sent it in using the same advanced replacement process, as most hard drive companies have this process available to customers (aka suckers).

    About two weeks later I still see the charge for the drive they sent me. I call them up and they say:

    "Your drive was missing a sticker, so it's not under warranty."
    "Uh... what sticker"
    "It was a sticker that said "do not remove this sticker""
    "Well, I was given this drive. And obviously if a sticker says not to remove it, I have no reason to remove it, and I won't. I guess it fell offI do not see how that affects me."
    "I do not know how you got the drive or how the sticker came off, but I cannot replace your drive free of charge/under warranty"
    "Yes you can, just don't charge me. I didn't take the sticker off that says don't take the sticker off"
    "I'm sorry sir, I cannot do that."

    So I talk to a manager, they say the same thing. So I tell them that I am going to cancel the charge on my credit card. The manager got rude and said that if that happens my case would automatically be forwarded onto the legal department. I told him they could come find me and sue my *** but otherwise they weren't getting a dime from me.

    Needless to say, I got the charge cancelled and I never heard another word from them.

    Ever since then I have sworn off Maxtor, although I hear GREAT things about them now... so I've been thinking about giving them another chance. I have been buying both WD and Seagate... but it seems now I'm going to go purely with Seagate.

    Stupid companies. Congrats on getting it all sorted out, even if it did take 1,000,000 years.

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    Never had a problem with Maxtor. Is Quantum the same as a Maxtor? Cuz I really dig the Quantum Fireball drives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandAmLuver
    Never had a problem with Maxtor. Is Quantum the same as a Maxtor? Cuz I really dig the Quantum Fireball drives.
    Looks like it happened about 5 years ago.

    Googled "quantum maxtor merger":

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    I've heard bad stuff from maxtor and WD... time and time again...

    Can you please point us out to the vendor that took it upon them to negotiate the bad drive? As much as we all want to know about the bad companies, good ones deserve to be pointed out too

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    I'm going through the process of swapping maxtor sata drives for WD's.

    reason : Maxtors only have a 1 year, WD have a 3 year (yes 3 not 5, but these are not the raid edition.). The maxtors run very hot (as report on many websites and from my own experience because one failed after only six weeks and the temp in my cupboard shot up after4 switching to these)

    So far I have got the faulty one replaced and it seems to run cooler. Now trying to get the still working one replaced as I want to use them as a mirrored raid.

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    @RoyN: the online vendor who is making good is Monarch Computer. Remind me to send Monarch a "thank you" note. Also remind me to send WD a "F-U" note.

    @Enforcer: good luck. Perhaps when it comes time to cash in on your warranty, drives will be plentiful and WD will have gotten a clue and improved their customer service.. I hope that by the next time I have to deal with them, I don't have to deal with this again.

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    Yeah I've had **** luck with WDC drives. Had even worse luck with their customer service. I was thinking about getting some Raptor drives for my desktop. I'm still waiting for them to get a drive instock for a return. I'm probably never going to buy another WDC again unless its a really good deal.

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    On top of our Mobile Audio and Video buisness we also sell and repair PC's Servers and the like.

    The brand of HD that has the highest failure rate that come through our door is Western Digital.

    Nuff Said.

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