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Thread: Motherboard MB870

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    Motherboard MB870

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    Okay, there are a few questions that i would like to bring up regarding the MB870. I dont know who out there has this board and has decided to use all its functions (and it has a damn lot of them).

    Questions/concerns in order of points on the posted diagram.

    1. Northbridge heatsink. IMPORTANT!!!!!! Ibase did a lousy job with the heat transfer compound! A small drop and spread around with a finger... A FINGER! Anyone that knows about installing headsinks knows to place a big enough drop that wont ooze all over the board once the heatsink is applied. BUT the heatsink should be the thing to evenly spread the compound onto the surface of the chip to get MAXIMUM heat transfer. Remove the heatsink, clean, and slap some more paste on it buddy!

    2. The clear CMOS jumper... VERY handy... just thought i would let you all know... If the computer hangs up and wont get bast detecting any hardware clear the CMOS and then go back into BIOS and manually reset the settings based on your needs.

    3. WTF are these two pins?? and why are they so close to the USB headers?

    4. WHAAAAAAT?? My usb connecter is 5 pins but there are only 4 pins for an extra USB port, whats with that!?!? WELL... USB is actually only 4 pins, +5, GND, +Data, -Data... the 5th is an extra ground for the cable shielding(and maybe the connector shield? not sure...). Very helpful link! But still? Why do all these have to be so jammed up, you either have to butcher the extra USB connector or separate the wires from the connector... LAME (unless you have a nifty one with the wires already separated.) I have no idea but maybe those 2 pins right next to the USB pins are for the USB? HIGHLY DOUBTED! I've tried using the extra USB ports but kept having to clear the CMOS to get the computer to startup again. Maybe they need to be set up in BIOS? Oh well, I'm lazy so i jsut bought a USB hub.

    5. I havnt seen any other documentation on this but the manual says you can set up another RCA video out connector... So that makes it what... 1 VGA, 2 LVDS, and 2 RCA video out connections? 1, 2, ... thats like a million screens!!!

    Anybody have any feedback or any more questions??? POST EM! I want to get my moneys worth out of this board.
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    Try reading the user's guide for that motherboard.

    3) That enables the onboard LAN (p9 of the users guide)
    4) It's a small formfactor motherboard, which forces everything to be jammed so close together. Quit whining.
    5) I believe JP21 will allow you to add another TV-OUT. That's an unusual feature for a motherboard, so I'd run with it. I'd be surprised if you can have two LVDS displays, one VGA display and two TV-out displays all humming allong at the same time. If you're able to pull it off with this board, there's lots of others that want to know about it. Oh, and your math sucks.. That's only five screens.

    Good luck.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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