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Thread: Soldering to a Membrane?

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    Soldering to a Membrane?

    Hello all, I'm a noob to this site as I am taking my old laptop (Toshiba 2805-S202) and making a carputer out of it (getting a TFT for xmas ). First thing I have to say is that it is SUCH a pain trying to find any info with the search (referring to the WOL and WOR issues), that I have all but given up on that idea for powering up my computer, as so many have asked the same questions, and all I can find in my searches is "". Kind of frustrating, but I don't think I want to go that route anyway. Here's an idea to make one of you gurus rich, make a "magic packet button", and become a Vendor here.

    Anyway, it's looking like I would get the most bennifits if I solder an external button to the laptops power button. I have stripped my laptop down to find that the power button sits on a "membrane", kind of resembles a wire ribbon. The pic below shows the power button on the membrane, which is stuck to the triangular piece of metal.

    My concern is that I am not too skilled with a soldering iron, and don't want to mess this up. Is it possible to do this or am I dreaming???

    The other thing is that there are 3 wires in the ribbon that go to the power button, and I'm not sure which two to use. I can make a SWAG about it (scientific wild *** guess), but would appreciate anyones input on what might be the best way to find out.

    Pretty good questions for a noob, huh?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    i'm no electronic genius, but here's my two cents.

    (fyi, i am using a docking station so i do not have to solder to the laptop)

    if you still want to run a switch to your laptop

    1) dont solder to the ribbon cable. solder to the legs of the power button.

    2) to find out which connection makes the laptop turn on is very simple. you could get a continuity checker (excuse my technical name) to determine what contacts are connected when the button is not pressed, vs pressed. if you want to do it half-assed, just put a piece of metal, like a screwdriver across the leads in different combinations until it boots up.

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    As an aside, a note on search. Don't use the so-called search function on the forums, it's useless. Use Google to search the site. ex: "blah blah" It works far, far better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mushin
    As an aside, a note on search. Don't use the so-called search function on the forums, it's useless. Use Google to search the site. ex: "blah blah" It works far, far better.
    Excuse mushin, he meant use msn search

    using the following

    search terms
    B Smoov
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