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Thread: LOVE the SB X-fi Music Extreme!!!!

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    LOVE the SB X-fi Music Extreme!!!!

    I cannot stress how great of a purchase this card is so far. I picked up the simple PCI card for $79 out the door at Circuit City today. They still had the rebate price on the shelf even though it was expired and they gave me the rebated price.

    I have tried the onboard sound , the USB Audigy (Resume issues), and most recently been using a SB MP3 card. The last card had awful distortion occasionally on the high end and a clicking sound while at 0 to 3% volume. It also never muted fully with volume all the way down. I did notice a lack of low end to the card but always thought it was my cross over.

    Well i installed the X-Fi and all i can say is holy ****!!! The voltage output of this card is higher, the jump in clarity is phenominal and frequency range has drastically improved. No more popping at low volumes and now it fully mutes at 0% volume. The SB application is nice for settings (would love to integrate the volume knob feature) and the crystal enhancer is so far a really nice processor. I'm usually against them but with the added punch they give to MP3s its a no brainer.

    Simply buy one!

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    Thanks for the link to more info...

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