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Thread: Setting up a car pc for the first time. advice

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    Setting up a car pc for the first time. advice

    ok so im setting one up. duh lol
    anyway ive been looking into this stuff for about a year and a half.. have decided to start in. i have two months since ig et to cross country travel in mid to late february

    the deck i have is
    Clarion DXZ755MC
    mother board im thinking of getting is: Foxconn 748K7AA Socket A (Socket 462) SiS 748 ATX AMD Motherboard
    i need to do some measuring on that though first.
    - thoguhts on the board. im poor and only looking for a navi/mp3 and possibly dvd playable bopard. even dvd isnt a big whoop since i have a dvd player in the car..

    my other option is an xbox.. as i have them. spare parts etc thought of a cromwell bios sicne they boot super fast. but what kind of navi can i get for linux on an xbox and does anyone know if you can use the xbox's usb ports for thigns like navi, wireless and such once you have linux on the system?

    if its possible. ig ot a bunch of xbox mobo's and parts
    please elt me know. or tell me if youve seen a good xbox car pc thread i cant find one

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    oh btw thanks for any help. sorry about my typing.. i have a few keyboard issues. and i'd really prefer xbox car pc. save me a TON of money lol jsut need tog et navi working on xbox dvd's and music i can do

    oh also any advice on solid state hdd's?

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    well, the xbox ports where the controllers are are USB. you'll have to get the tech specs, but my friend managed to wire something to his xbox when he spliced his contorller and USB cables. I'll ask him how that went. Maybe you can then get drivers and make a USB GPS work. Here's the thing: i don't know how many GPS software supports linux. Check their files. Check the hack sites to get the xbox working. I'm not aware of any member doing that here. search it. Yeah, never thought i'd say it either, but this one ya gotta search

    When you get this working, write up a review
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