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Thread: 02 Jetta Worklog

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    02 Jetta Worklog

    Need help, im still trying to decide between various parts so i can get a decent car pc from the begining.

    I plan to have all the main things like GPS Navigation, Touchscreen for user-friendly interface, bluetooth for phone integration and wifi so i can download new multimedia from my home computer into my car pc.

    This is what i have so far but i am having trouble deciding between products. Especially the motherboard, i mean the EPIA M10000 is a 1ghz CPU with small motherboard for $150. on ebay there is a Intel P4 2.8Ghz LGA775 CPU + ECS Motherboard Combo for $164. i know the dimensions are a bit bigger comparing at 17x17 to 24x22 i think.

    LCD Display i am going with the Lilli 7" 629GL-70NP
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    Power supply i came up with the OPUS 150W but depending on what motherboard i am using i may need to change that.

    For GPS i am going with the Rikaline Destinator bluetooth GPS Navigation Receiver. Also comes with software which is good.

    still not sure what DC-DC converter or WIFI card, but that shouldnt be a probelm i am just concerned about the motherboard and CPU mainly and once i order those then i can focus on the other components immediatly.

    So basically what is the most reccomended setup you think I should go with, keep in mind i live in canada with cold harsh winters, and humid summers.
    Thank You

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    morning bump

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    Thanks for your help everyone bump

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    1) you didnt ask any questions. so how can we help you. theres nothing to answer!
    2) people are buisy! relax

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