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Thread: Compeditor To Mp3Car New Pioneer Avic Z1

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC-S60
    It is in fact a carpc, as it's running MS Windows (automotive version).
    Hmmm... it'll be interesting to extract the GPS software from that

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC-S60
    They showed it at CES.
    Right because if it gets shown at CES it will be in mass market and available everywhere next week.

    I am saying I'll belive it when it is really available. This would not be the first 'technical demo' unit to see the lights of CES.
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    It is SUPPOSED to be available 2nd quarter 2006, but IMO it is NOT a competitor to a carPC.

    As I understand it, you can not watch DVDs on the screen. You need to wire to another monitor for this. Also, you can not insert a CD loaded with MP3s and transfer, you have to put in real CDs and let it rip them and tag them with the CDDB databse. This is also the problem with the eclipse units.

    Will there be a work-around for this? We'll see...

    BUT, the GPS looks promising.

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    GPS is easy. license the maps and have a navigation interface coded or purchased.
    Unless they do something amazingly cool that hasn't been done before, then I'll be interested.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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