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Thread: BMW IBus help?

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    BMW IBus help?

    hey guys..just got my ibus controller in the mail but im having a problem. Im using this aux adaptor that i bought from crutchfield that gives me 2 audio inputs that show up on my headunit...6-01 and 6-02. If im not mistaken...the aux adaptor plugs into the cd changer audio cords but it also plugs into a small i bus cord...(or atleast it has a plug in for it). I was wondering what kinda adaptors you guys have..maybe blitzsafe or whatever else your using..but it seems like if i disconnect the aux adaptor from the i bus cord..then i will lose the function with it showing up on my head unit 6-01 and 6-02. Where should i be plugging this in, and if it is the cd changer i bus..then can i not use it while having this crutchfield aux adaptor?....i do have another set of cables that are tucked away...its a cable with a large connector at the end of it which i think is a phone prewired plug..and then another i bus cord that is wrapped with it. Please let me know if anyone can help.
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