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Thread: Help Trying To Fit Dsatx Into Ampie Case

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    Quote Originally Posted by MobiTekLink
    Red, 12v Live from battery, preferably... ... Good gauge wire should be used (less than 8 gauge pref)
    White, 12v ACC, ignition or radio..Regular 12 gauge wire can be used.

    8 gauge for the power? Wow, that seems a bit excessive.... I'm using 10 gauge for my power and ground; the amps on my car, including a JL 500/1, get 4 gauge, though. I have 0/1 gauge running from my battery to a distro block in the trunk. I figure 10 gauge from the distro block to my DS12VD is plenty, considering it is meant to be a low power solution.

    Anyways, sorry for the minor threadjack...

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    Not trying to be a dick, but if you needed help figuring out that red is power, black is ground, and white is ignition, you may not want to continue doing this stuff on your own.....

    If you are wiring the unit on top, you won't even be using the wires that came with the ampie....the ENTIRE point of those wires is to run the power inside the case.......

    Just hook up the ground, ign, and power to the PSU directly from the source in your car.... then run the 24 pin cable into the case and into the motherboard, DONE.

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