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Thread: Question/Idea for you bassists/guitarists

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    Talking Question/Idea for you bassists/guitarists

    So let's say I have an aux input on my head unit. Would it hurt it to hook up my bass and/or guitar to it? If it is safe, I would buy a 1/4 (phone) to rca to do this. My pickups are passive if this matters at all. I just don't wanna fry anything...

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    It should be safe. Your only gona fry something on the H/U if the input signal is too high.
    I still use an old ghetto blaster to mess about with, with my bass coz my amp is too loud for home use, had it for years and its never let me down.
    Don't crank the volume up too high though the speakers might not like it.

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    for the love of god dont use effects pedals. Or better yet get an amp with an a/v out and patch it over.

    I would say I under stand about being too loud to play at home but
    having your own place does wonder when youre in a band


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