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Thread: HP Pavilion s7320n Slimline as a carputer?

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    You have any pics of your set up you could post? I am curious as to what power supply you ended up using.
    I'm gonna take some pics when I get home from vacation next week. I use an inverter with a standard Micro-ATX PSU. Looks like you're going the DC/DC route. I'd be interested in your choice, I just haven't taken that step yet.
    in progress

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    I just bought one of the HP Slimline PC and opened it up. The motherboard power supply connector pins are not standard ATX molex connectors. I believe they have the same pin configuration, just smaller. I am looking for an adapter to use with my Opus 150. Might have to make my own connection.

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    i just ordered this case

    It seems to be good case for the job. Should fit easily under the seat

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    I am using an hp slimline in my car currently the draw backs are NO upgradability for pci slot the case is to small to put even the smallest sound card in?? The model I'm using is the centrino version I have a DSATX DC to DC from my old computer but this one has a very strange plug on the mobo so using an inverter till I figure something out

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    I would think the slimline is a all-in-one type solution... meaning... yuo buy it and use it. if you are the type that needs to upgrade the video card, sound card, etc all just for use in the car, then I think a regular PC should suffice but the drawback would be size...

    THe slimline is an awesome plug and play pc i think. You can easily just wire a button to your dash to turn it on/off... "sucks" compared to the "automated starting" feature the dsatx has but it's still a solution...
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    funny i just installed one of these in a scion tc.. just gutted out the stock radio and the motherboard fit perfect.. also changed out the 200GB Hard drive for a 320 Sata notebook laptop.. also switched the dvd dl for a slim loader out of a dell optex (dell ver. of the slimline) it worked perfect.. !!

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