I am having a hard time troubleshooting my static source.
Setup: see sig, but it's an Opus120, M2k, etc.
Wiring: Wire coming from batt to Opus, and another wire from Opus going back to ground on battery.
XM wiring: XMD out to PC line in. PC Line out to GLI to vehicle aux-in.
Control: Roadrunner

I do have a ground loop issue, which my GLI completely gets rid of. The static I hear is independant of that.

Problem: When playing XM I don't hear any static. When I switch to Audio skin, I hear it. Except, it comes in random "waves". It's not constant, and doesn't correlate to anything else I can think of (mouse mvmnt, HDD, engine revs, programs running, CPU load). So if I'm in the Audio skin mode, it doesn't matter if I play an MP3 or not, static is unaffected & still there. The instant I switch to XM, it disappears. The static is also only in vehicle Aux, not the vehcile radio.

Does anyone know where I should concentrate my efforts?